Further underdoggery

Based on how I get bent out of shape over early American slaves/the settlers’ treatment of Native Americans, and the same-sex marriage issue, you’ve probably assumed there are other instances of injustice that disturb me. You’re not wrong! I pretty much take issue with anyone looking down on or denigrating anyone for any reason whatsoever. Problems with people who look different? WHY? Can you honestly say it would be a better world if everyone looked exactly the same? Variety and our differences are what make us fascinating. People from different cultures have brought a lot to this country.

People with piercings, tattoos, rainbow-dyed hair…these are people expressing themselves as they choose. If you don’t like it, that’s fine; they don’t do it for you or me. But they’re people with feelings, and they do notice your eyeroll or side-eye, so at the very least you could try to control your overt reactions. Better yet, how about trying to appreciate their uniqueness? Or, at the very least, applaud their courage for being who they really are in a world that wants us all to conform to the same “societal norms.”


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